The Internet has become a source of income for numerous business entities. These businesses show their presence on the internet with the help of their websites. It is estimated that the total number of websites on the internet is well over 1 billion, and this number is increasing with every coming second. However, it should be noted that creating a website and making it live on the internet is not going to help your business make money.

You need to make people aware of your presence, and this is only possible when you take effective steps to rank your website well on various search engines. The ranking factors considered by search engines, such as Google, are well above 200. You can’t keep track of all these factors effectively. You may have this question, “How can I track the performance of my website on search engines”. The answer is all you need to do is check the domain authority of your website from time to time.

Read on to know more about domain authority, its working, tools to measure it, and effective ways to increase it. Further details are given below:

What is Domain Authority?

The acronym used for domain authority is DA, it is a scale that measures the SEO performance of your website and rates it from 0 to 100. The higher the domain authority is, the better will be the SEO performance of a website.

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PA or Page Authority is a similar kind of metric that measures the ranking ability of a particular page of the website on search engine results. It also ranges from 0 to 100 in terms of rating and follows the same methodology to measure the SEO performance of a webpage. The higher the PA score of a webpage, the higher will be its probability of better ranking on search engine results. It should be noted that both the DA and PA scores don’t influence the ranking methodologies of search engines directly.

How does Domain Authority work?

As mentioned earlier, the domain authority takes account of several factors and then decides the domain authority scores of a website. I am listing some of the factors here:

  •       The age of the domain.
  •       The relevance of the domain’s name.
  •       User experience (UX) offered by a website.
  •       XML sitemap.
  •       Quality of the Content.
  •       Update Frequency of Website.
  •       Quality and quantity of backlinks coming to a website.
  •       Internal linking structure of the website.
  •       Social Media Exposure of Website.
  •       The overall SEO performance of a website.

All these factors are considered when you check the domain authority of a website. This metric was first invented by leading SEO website MOZ, and since then it is considered a standard for checking a website’s SEO progress.

How to Check DA PA Score of a Website?

As we know, you should be aware of a website’s domain authority score to stay aware of its probability of better search engine rankings. Additionally, fluctuations in the DA score of a website tell you whether the SEO strategy you have implemented is working fine for your website or not. If you see a decline in the DA score, you need to revise your SEO strategy immediately.

It should be noted that the revision of your SEO strategy is only possible when you know the domain authority score of your website. You can check domain authority score of your website with a reliable website authority checker. Such a tool will not only allow you to measure the da pa and performance of your website but also enable you to figure out where it stands against its competitors.

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Tips to Increase Your Website’s Domain Authority

If you are using a reliable domain authority checker to measure your website’s domain authority, and finding it tricky to compete with the leading websites in the particular niche of your website, then you need to work on the tips that are given below:

  •       Make sure the name of your domain is relevant to the niche.
  •       Ensure quality content that engages the targeted audience.
  •       Rectify broken backlinks coming to your website.
  •       Get rid of spammy links coming to your website.
  •       Invest in quality backlinks from authority websites in your niche.
  •       Diversification of inbound links is necessary for optimum DA score.
  •       Make sure your website has a clear XML sitemap.
  •       The loading speed of your website should be optimum.
  •       Your website should be user-friendly.
  •       Make sure your website is updated regularly.
  •       The content posted on your website should get social media exposure.

Once you start working on all the tips discussed above, you will start seeing positive outcomes in the form of an increased DA score.

Final Thoughts

Domain authority is a factor that should never be overlooked if you are really serious about the search engine rankings of your website. We have discussed all the necessary things you need to know about DA. We hope you will find this information useful and consider it while working on an SEO strategy for your website.  

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