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Managed SEO

What is Managed SEO?

EcomChampX is our SEO service that increases keyword rankings and boosts your visibility on search engines such as Google. By pairing you with a dedicated Campaign Manager, we use our advanced and customized SEO process, to execute a tailored plan on a monthly basis that results in ranking growth for your site. Let us do all the work and increase website traffic and rankings for you.


Your SEO Expert

Once you get on board with EcomChampX, we set you up with a dedicated campaign manager and trained and experienced SEO professional that will be available for you 24/7 for everything that needs to be done during the campaign.

Your campaign manager will work with you on a one-to-one basis to understand your company goals and create a tailored SEO campaign just for you.


Grow Your Rankings & Traffic

Audit & research report

We will perform an audit on your current rankings and set goals and mechanisms in place to help your reach your higher ranking goals. This helps us get you quicker traffic increases than starting from scratch.

Content creation & optimization

Content is key, and we will make sure that you have incredible content to help you achieve your goals. Any new content will be optimized by your campaign manager to rank you higher on search engines.

Strategic link building

Probably the most important factor in search engine ranking is the links that come to your site from other websites. We’ll create an effective and diverse link building plan to help you reach the top.


Transparent Reporting

We give you 100% transparent reporting which helps you view the progress of your campaigns. This includes:

  • Deliverable Reporting: See what has been accomplished with links that have been built and new content that has been created for you.
  • Results Reporting: See how your campaign affects the traffic and ranking of your website and the keywords we have implemented on your behalf.

Real Results

Our results-driven strategy gives you an insight into how we produce incredible results for our clients.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local business, service-based business, affiliate, or run an e-commerce site. The team behind EcomChampX will build a customized strategy made to deliver amazing results.

Packages & Pricing

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We'll work with whatever budget you give us.

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    How EcomChamp X Works

    Step 1

    Join EcomChamp X

    Tell us about your website, your products, and your competition. If you don't have all information we need, that's not an issue. We will walk you through everything and figure it out for you.

    Step 2

    We’ll design your campaign

    We will find which strategy is best for you based on your site and your competition. We'll take advantage of keywords that are easy to target and fill in the gaps in your strategy.

    Step 3

    Onboarding call

    Once we do the research, we will have an onboarding call with the campaign manager to make sure all questions are answered and the campaign is set in place properly. Once everything is set and approved, we will begin working!

    Step 4

    Start the campaign production

    The fulfillment process typically takes 30 days after approval to be completed. We can also auto-approve orders ten days after submission for those who want a hands-free approach.

    Step 5

    Track results

    Keep in mind that SEO results take time. To ensure your progress is as expected and you're ranking well, you will have full access to our campaign report.

    Step 6

    Receive a report and follow up

    You will receive a comprehensive monthly report of everything that we've done. During the campaign, you can schedule a call to review your progress with your designated campaign manager.

    EcomChamp X Delivery Schedule

    Initial Phase

    • Campaign Design and Onboarding

      Give us the details about your business, website, products, and competitors. Based on your information, we will design a comprehensive campaign for your business within 7 days.

    • Onboarding Call

      Once your designated campaign manager plans your campaign, they will reach out to you to schedule an onboarding call. During this call, you can ask and discuss every detail about the campaign.

    Implementation Phase

    • Campaign Production

      After you and the campaign manager have agreed on everything, they will start implementing the campaign. The fulfillment process typically takes 30 days to complete.


    • Reports and Tracking

      Because SEO takes time, you will have access to your campaign report 24/7 so you can track your progress at all times. In addition to this, you will get a detailed report of everything we’ve done.

    Frequently Asked Questions


    What do I actually get with EcomChamp X?

    All your budget goes to product deliverables. With EcomChamp X, we offer flexible packages based on your needs. Our main strategy is a combination of EcomChamp Foundations (Diversity Links), EcomChamp Guest Post (High DA links), and EcomChamp Blogger (Optimized Blog Content), which is customized specifically to fit and fulfill your goals.


    What is the EcomChamp X strategy?

    The EcomChamp X strategy is based on what works best for thousands of websites in the last decade. 


    What if I don't want content?

    We know that links in combination with blog content work wonders for getting targeted traffic to your site from our experience. Google wants to see your site as an authority, both from a topical depth and topic breadth perspective. This is the main reason why we include blog content as a key part of the EcomChamp X strategy. If you tell us your specific situation, we will work with you to make the best campaign possible.


    How does EcomChamp X work in regards to your monthly sales and promotions?

    A monthly sale for EcomChamp X can be applied for any new EcomChamp X purchase. However, existing EcomChamp X customers are eligible for discounts only after they upgrade their current campaign.


    How long will it take for the deliverables to be completed?

    A 30-day turnaround is applied for all deliverables once approved. The orders that won’t be approved within 10 days will be auto-approved to ensure we have a consistent SEO strategy.


    Why didn’t this Guest Post show up in my Google Search Console?

    No need to worry, as there is no exact time frame. Sometimes it takes longer for Google to crawl and pick-up the backlink. Just because they don’t display in the Search Console doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t know about them.


    How long will it take to get to page 1 (or to see results?)

    It really depends on your niche, previous SEO work, and budget. Schedule a call with our team for more info on your site specifically.


    Does your service include any technical or on-site SEO?

    We provide support to fix onsite technical issues as a separate service, so you can always request it at an extra charge. 


    What are Foundations links?

    Foundations help build a good volume of links for Google crawlers to read. They will not point to your site directly but are connected as a tier link building method. 


    How do you choose Anchor Text?

    We aim to keep the anchor text balanced and at a natural ratio which is why we use terms like URL, domain name, and a neutral anchor text (such as click here, learn more, etc.) to ensure that our progress looks organic in Google’s eyes. More precise keywords are included in the Foundations mix (2-3 per order) and the Guest Posts. 


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    I got in touch with Ecommerce champ about my international challenge. Through their proactivity and keen eye for opportunities within my niche their input has yielded great results. We are currently working on a follow-up of our first actions. It feels like they are an extension of my own company and goals, thinking ahead and contributing patiently and with clear goals. Nothing but positive words if you wish to grow your business durable.

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    Working with EcommerceChamp has been the most pleasant experience I’ve ever had! Their passion and dedication for what they do are shown through their responsiveness and their customer support. I am looking forward to a long-lasting relationship with the crew here!

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    It’s a pleasure for me to recommend EcommerceChamp to anyone interested. They have been more than professional, competent, and comprehensive over the entire process of our relationship. The reaction to our new website was overwhelming to say the least, thanks to EcommerceChamp.

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    The knowledge and professionalism of the staff at EcommerceChamp has been nothing but outstanding. The quality of links and blog articles they did for me has been top-notch and I won’t think twice about using them again!

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    Finally I found a partner that I can work with to achieve my clients' goals. Thank you EcommerceChamp!

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    We want you to feel confident in every purchase you make with us, which is why we are offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our product, contact our support within 30 days of receiving your report and we’ll work with you to make it right!