On Etsy, you have access to a universe of possibilities. Millions of people search Etsy for items, such as custom beanies or custom baby blankets and similar things. If you have an Etsy print-on-demand business, the only means of achieving customers is to bring your products to their attention.

Advertise on Etsy, its just one of several measures you got to take as an entrepreneur. According to Etsy research, customers who came after viewing the advertisements were 20% more likely to make a purchase.

Advertise On Etsy


 You can do this either with a pre-existing social networking presence, a third-party ad agency, or advertise on Etsy directly. Getting the word out about your products and venture is essential to a successful store.

How Do Etsy Ads Work?

The latest Etsy Ad Campaign launched with creative businesses in mind. It is already a unified platform for promoting your products using the Etsy Promoted Listing functionality and Etsy Google Ads.

Etsy ads are primarily responsible for attracting traffic to your business while staying within your marketing budget. 

Your advertisements will be widely available where you deliver the items; Google’s intelligent algorithm would also determine the ideal location to concentrate your specialty for increased returns.

Etsy’s Google Ads solution creates a single Ad campaign. You can create your ideal budgeting plan, and Etsy expands on advanced analytics to effectively optimize your finances.

Etsy Google Ads

You no longer have to rely on how to host Etsy advertisements with this major addition. Instead, make a budget and spend your energy doing what you enjoy: making goods and gratifying your customers. This funding would now be split equally amongst Etsy and Google ads.

How to Advertise on Etsy (Step-By-Step)

Now that you know how and where Etsy advertises your products let’s discuss the steps of setting up an Etsy advertisement. 

  1. Login to Etsy.com and navigate to shop manager.
  2. Click on Marketing and go to Advertising.
  3. Set your daily budget with the largest amount you’re willing to spend for advertising in a day. The minimum amount for a day is set at $1.00.
  4. Confirm by clicking Start advertising.

(Note: You can modify your budget at any time)

When you start an Etsy Ads campaign, it automatically markets all of your current products. You have the option of editing or updating which listings you want to boost. You can select the products from your store you wish to display and can change them at a later date.

In case you wish to stop or pause advertising a certain product. All you need to do is the following:

  1. Login to Etsy.com and navigate to shop manager.
  2. Click on Marketing and go to Advertising.
  3. Click on the tab More options.
  4. Choose to Turn off advertising.

Be sure that any listings you adhere to Etsy’s Advertising & Marketing Policy.

Etsy often displays your ads automatically to the buyers in the region you sell often. However, if you wish to customize the regions where the advertisement should be displayed, use the guidelines below:

  1. Go to the Shop Manager after logging in.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Go to Shipping settings and access your Shipping profiles.
  4. Edit the profile that influences regions and add or remove any areas/locations.
  5. Save Profile once you’ve added your desired locations.

Learn how to establish shipping regions on your ads if you don’t utilize shipping profiles.

How Are Advertisements Listed?

The Etsy Ads system puts listings in search engine results and areas that will bring attention to your store and offer the best chance of converting into a sale.

Etsy considers the following factors when determining which ads appear in each search engine and page: 

Purchaser contextual information:

  • What a buyer searches for and how they search provides Etsy with clues regarding how to prioritize and arrange listings. 
  • Your listing’s tags, title, and qualities are critical since they allow Etsy to connect the ideal items with the appropriate consumers. 

Probability of buying: 

  • Etsy anticipates how likely a consumer is to make a transaction upon clicking on a posting utilizing information regarding your business and listings, such as clickthrough rate and pricing.

Where Do You See the Ads?

Where Do You See The Ads On Etsy

Once your advertisement is published, it can appear on searches and browser pages on Etsy.com and the Etsy smartphone app. There are two types of ad displays:

On-site Advertisement

On Etsy.com, onsite adverts appear in the organic search results. If you conduct a basic search on Etsy, you will notice that a few ads contain text.

Offsite Advertisement

Offsite advertisements are listing promotions that are pushed beyond Etsy. Etsy provides product descriptions on well-known sites such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Buzzfeed, and others.

When you employ Etsy Ads, your business products pop out among Etsy search results, making it simpler to attract consumers who are more likely to buy. 

Etsy Offsite Advertising Example


How Much Do They Cost?

When customers click on your Etsy store advertisements, you pay for an onsite Etsy ad. This is the cost per click charge, and it does not charge for views or purchases. It usually amounts to $0.2 to $0.5 per click.

You only pay for off-site listings when a customer buys your goods after clicking on them. Etsy takes a commission of 12-15% for off-site listings. Ad fees are 12% for merchants who have made above $10,000 on Etsy in the previous 12 months, and 15% for the other vendors.

When setting your daily budget, there is a restriction on how much money you can set aside each day for Etsy marketing. Etsy considers your average spending, in addition to your existing payment status and payment history, to establish the maximum daily budget. 

If you regularly spend your entire daily cost, they will gradually raise your daily maximum budget.

Are Etsy Ads Right for You?

Etsy advertisements are more than just paying money and putting up ads in various places. Rather, it enables your Etsy print-on-demand business to identify the appropriate type of customers for your Etsy business. 

Advertisements on Etsy allow you to determine whether the current ads are lucrative. You must determine the minimum amount or percentage of revenue you wish to make on each sale. 

With Etsy advertisements, you can get a clear image of your venture and increase your returns. Plan a proper advertising approach that will enable you to execute lucrative advertising alternatives with a target Cost per Acquisition.

Target Cost per Acquisition = Price of the product – Threshold Profit – Costs of Production 

Your Profit= Selling Price – Cost per Acquisition – Costs of Production


The success of an Etsy ad varies from store to store. The stronger SEO product descriptions result in higher Etsy Ads search results. 

Now that you have clear guidelines for advertising your products on Etsy, you can experiment with Etsy ads and see how it impacts your business. Based on short-term results, you can devise a long-term strategy with the novel Etsy ads.


How do ads work on Etsy?

When you place ads on the Etsy platform, you are not charged until somebody clicks on your banner. So, the amount you have to spend on an ad depends on how many clicks you get. 

What does it cost to advertise on Etsy?

The final cost for an ad depends on the success of your campaign on Etsy. Mostly, sellers pay anything from $0.2-0.5 per click for each ad they place on Etsy. 

Are Etsy ads free?

You can place ads on Etsy for free. However, you will get charged after somebody clicks on your ads through the platform. 

How do I advertise myself on Etsy?

There are many ways to advertise yourself on Etsy. You can do it through SEO, organic social media reach, or paid advertising on the platform itself. 

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