Online purchasing has completely changed the scenario of buying & selling. The eCommerce sales solutions are all over the place with the growing consumer interests. With such cutthroat competition, the digital ventures are gearing up for grabbing customer attention & boosting sales for profitable insights around the year. If you have an online eCommerce platform or are the one looking to develop an eCommerce solution then this blog is for you. Dive into it to know the best sales tactics to keep your business up & running into a digital empire. 


Ecommerce Sales

Even a safety pin is bought online by the users.

This is the power of eCommerce. 

However, as the old Proverb saying goes, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

An eCommerce solution needs constant consumer attention, good traffic, excellent features & functionalities, development upgrades, and more. It is an unending list to maintain an online presence & boost eCommerce sales. 

Herein, we have discussed some of the very popular & best use cases, which have helped brands across the globe in increasing sales and engaging audiences on their Amazon alternative.


8 Tips to Boost your eCommerce Sales

#1 Organic Online Marketing

With the term “organic”, we mean the most authentic & known ways of marketing an eCommerce application. One has to be noticed, every now & then by the audiences online. 

A very organic way to reach your targeted audience is through social media, PPC marketing, SEO, & email marketing.

-Social media marketing: When you are making an alternative to Amazon, one needs to be among millennials. In this digital age, no one is keeping his or her hands off their phones. And the constant attraction is the social media platforms, market your eCommerce services with an influencer or ad campaigns, live chats online and get your website organic traffic. 

-SEO: Optimise your eCommerce website as per the search engine norms. You can include relevant keywords and phrases, and rank higher on the search results i.e. Google’s SERP, bringing in potential customers for the online venture.

-PPC marketing: Pay per click (PPC) is the most renowned way of reaching & tracking your target market. This marketing campaign revolves around organic clicks done by a potential buyer. The buyer is redirected to your actual site after clicking on the particular product or service, which he is interested in buying. 

-Email marketing: Emails are a professional way of inviting your audience to the platform. Send creatives, newsletters, or other graphical representations with the help of a campaign to your desired audience. A past database works the best when it comes to sending personalized emails. 

#2 Persuasive Product Pages

To boost eCommerce sales, one has to create engaging product pages. Ensure that your product images are of great quality & attractive with a persuasive description. You can also integrate video displaying its practical usage in daily life.

If your eCommerce app development budget allows you, then one can integrate Augmented Reality (AR) advancement that allows users to try to buy products online. It is one of the trending & highly engaging features of the website.

#3 Authenticated Certifications

Online sales are boosted when your brand gains trust among audiences. There are certain security certifications to make your eCommerce development trustworthy. 

To maintain your platform & its consumer’s confidentiality & integrity, secured transactions equipped with strong encryption are very much necessary. A few of the renowned certificates are RapidSSL certificate, Thawte SSL certificate, and Comodo SSL certificate, those deal in domain validation and security using SHA-256-bit encryption to your website.

#4 Product Shipping & Returns

Free shipping encourages the customers to buy more. Everyone wants to have free services and by playing with one of our most intriguing humanitarian characteristics, you can easily get along with a loyal consumer base. 

Ensure that your product return policy is in the favor of customers. Audiences appreciate easy returns & timely paybacks across the globe. Give a quick & accurate time of your shipping & returns; avoid time lag problems while performing such tasks.

#5 Offer Product Samples

It is the best way of increasing eCommerce sales. Allow potential buyers to try to buy your product by providing them with a sample. You can curate such samples in certain products or keep samples of some specific products on the site.

As a business, you will also know its reviews, after sales of that particular sample, and drive additional traffic too to the website. 

#6 Varied Payment Options

People are fond of options and the flexibility in choosing them. With the advent of digital wallets and their transactions, being an eCommerce software, you have to integrate such features. 

Now, with a debit card, or credit card, the online shopping applications are bound to keep other payment options like COD, wallet pay, inclusive of other third-party integrations like Stripe, PayPal, etc. 

#7 Affiliated Partnership

More hands can do more work.

With such an affiliated partnership, your online business is opened up to newer sales channels. The one’s collaborated with you get their own publicity and commission (if any). You will get potential partners to head along in a successful direction. However, it is essential for your business to tie up with the missing piece. 

Get the extra charm for your online venture by collaborating with a validated business, good for your digital image & goodwill generation. 

#8 Listen to Your Audience

Online reviews & ratings are the biggest critics.

Being an online entity, your brand has to get better by keeping in mind consumer needs through their website review & rating. Try to go through every review and note the obvious changes to be done to your service, product, or website. 

Remember always, consumers are the king. Create a consumer-centric eCommerce software development for your business.

Customer Feedback


Boosting online sales is a long trail of trial & error with all the other digital tactics. One has to try to monitor their marketing efforts. With digital space, expanding widely with each passing day there is a struggle of grabbing consumer attention. 

If you are still confused about where to start, you can consult an experienced eCommerce app development company or look into the prospect’s eCommerce development services and discuss your idea with them. For now, do try one of the sales tactics to boost your eCommerce online sales. 

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