Are you planning to build a website? Do you want your website to be successful and bring you income? 

Building a website a few years ago was a difficult task. You had to spend tons of money and hire a professional to do it. That took lots of time, and the final product might not be satisfying. Today, building a website is easy as a click. With the progress of technology, anyone can become their own “professional” and build a website that perfectly fits their needs. Many available website-building tools will enable you to customize your website to perfection. The choices are endless, and everything is customizable, from templates, fonts, buttons, colors, images- anything you can imagine. 

Although your website is just a click ahead, the main problem for people who want to get into this business is whether to choose a website builder eCommerce or WordPress site builder. Both options are great and have excellent advantages. Eventually, it comes down to what will the purpose of your website be and what you expect from it. 

Ecommerce Website Builder

Website Builder eCommerce

A website builder is a tool that will enable you to design and create your website. You don’t need to have any experience in coding to build your website with this tool because it has a drag-and-drop editor. This drag-and-drop editor will help you customize your website to fit your business needs perfectly, and you can freely focus on the design rather than the technicalities. 

WordPress Site Builder

WordPress started as a blogging platform but managed to grow into a complete website-building tool. WordPress is the most popular platform for building websites, and it offers countless possibilities. The platform is a content management system, meaning they’re less flexible than website builders but much easier to use. 

eCommerce Website Builder  vs. WordPress Site Builder – Comparison

If you’re torn between getting a website builder for eCommerce or a WordPress site builder, we will make the decision easier for you. Both are excellent; it all depends on your expectations for your website. To help you understand better the differences between these two tools, we’re going to compare them into several categories. 


Most website builders use proprietary software and keep the code hidden from public eyes to ensure minimum vulnerabilities. They also offer SSL certificates and use TLS encryptions to protect transactions. Also, most website builders offer two-factor authentication that increases security.

The security of WordPress depends on how the website owner maintains its site. WordPress’s software is regularly updated, but the site owner also has to regularly update their site’s WP software. Also, website owners must update their plugins and themes. WordPress site builder’s security also depends on the web hosting provider, so to ensure better safety, choose a provider that has DDoS protection included. 

Search Engine Optimization

A great thing about website builders is that most have built-in SEO tools such as alt text, meta tags, and even Google Analytics. Also, website builder’s templates are mobile-optimized, so your site will instantly be mobile-friendly. Anytime you need additional Seo tools, you can find excellent SEO addons in the builder’s app market. 

Since WordPress is initially a blogging platform, you can easily make SEO-friendly content. WordPress site builders will enable you to have custom URLs, help you optimize content, and change your site’s images and alt texts. If you want more SEO tools, you must get an SEO plugin. 

Seo Tips


Website builders are the ideal solutions for non-tech savvy people who want to build a website. To create your website, all you need is to sign up and choose your preferred template. Website builders have a drag-and-drop editor that will help easily customize your website. 

WordPress uses a more technical language and has a steeper learning curve. It can be a bit difficult for you if you’re a beginner, but the WordPress website builder can be easy to use once you get into it. Also, if you use a WordPress website builder, it may take some time, while using a website builder will make your website instantly. 

eCommerce Functionality

eCommerce in website builders is available in specific plans. You can get an eCommerce plan that includes online payments for the most affordable price, but you have to spend a bit more money on a higher-tier plan if you need more options. Almost every eCommerce website builder offers a template that includes products, checkout, and a shopping cart, and everything is easily customizable. 

To use eCommerce with WordPress site builders, you need to install an eCommerce plugin, like WooCommerce. The WooCommerce plugin is free, and if you want to customize it, get a WooCommerce-ready theme. If you need more features, you would also need to install the WP plugins. 

Get a website builder eCommerce if you :

  • Need a website that can be built in minutes
  • Have no coding experience
  • Need a one-page website
  • Need your eCommerce shop up and running fast

Get a WordPress site builder if you:

  • Need a dynamic website
  • Need a membership website
  • Want a Large-scale eCommerce website
  • Want complete control over your website


Both eCommerce website builders and WordPress site builders are excellent. Make your choice depending on what your business needs. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time and effort and don’t have any coding knowledge, a website builder will do the job for you. 

If you envision your website becoming a large-scale eCommerce website and want more control over it, go for the WordPress site builder. 

Either way, you choose, you can’t be wrong because eventually, you’ll have an excellent product that can bring you income. 

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Article by:
Bruno Mirchevski

Bruno Mircevski is an experienced content writer as well as an entrepreneur. His career took him to different phases where he had to switch web hosting providers for one reason or another. Taking a trip from shared web hosting to dedicated web hosting, he experienced it all and is prepared to share that knowledge with you. With years of real hosting experience, he will explain the ins and outs of every single web hosting provider out there as you take an in-depth look at everything they have to offer, and what their pitfalls are.


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