The online clothing market is one of the most competitive markets in the world. It is filled with a variety of eCommerce platforms and software to help sellers sell their products.

Two of the most popular eCommerce platforms are Teespring and Printful. These two companies provide different features that sellers can use to manage their business, but there are some features that are only available on one platform or another. 

It is important to thoroughly evaluate Teespring vs Printful to ensure you are choosing the best eCommerce platform to start an online store that makes money and establishes a successful online business.

This article will go over some of these features in order to help you make an informed decision while choosing which platform to use for your business.

Teespring vs Printful

Teespring is a company that has been in the eCommerce industry for a while, and they have a lot of experience. Printful was established in 2013 and is quickly becoming very popular by establishing a large base of satisfied customers.

They are both successful in their own right, but they work differently in the sense that Teespring is more of an open marketplace while Printful has a curated selection of various products.

Printful is a company that offers print-on-demand services for online stores and businesses. Teespring, on the other hand, is an eCommerce platform where users can design their own shirts and then sell them to the public.

Teespring Logo

Both companies have their pros and cons, but it all comes down to what you’re looking for in your business.

Teespring’s Pros and Cons

Teespring was founded in 2011 by Walker Williams and Evan Stites-Clayton. It has managed to establish a loyal following by offering a user-friendly interface through which both experienced and beginners can manage an online business. In 2021, Teespring was rebranded as Spring.

Teespring Website


– Teespring has a large collection of more than 50 types of products. 

– Teespring has a simple and easy-to-use app design. Users can easily access the basic functionalities of an online store. 

– Users can rely on Teespring to create original designs and still have complete copyright to the original design. This feature is extremely useful for businesses that want to offer unique products. 

– T-shirts are cheap to produce.

– Customers can get the desired size and color of the shirt they want.


– The customer has to pay for shipping which is not included in the price of the shirt.

– The customer has to pay for returns, which are also not included in the price of the shirt.

Teespring Review

The Teespring website is easy to navigate and use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. The app also makes it easy for customers to find what they want by filtering through different colors, styles, and sizes. Teespring offers 100% free shipping and makes it easy for customers to order various products.

Printful’s Pros and Cons

Printful has managed to become one of the leading names in the print-on-demand industry through its high-quality products and services. 

Printful Website


-Printful is a well-known company that provides high-quality products and services.

-Printful offers a wide variety of products and services.

-Printful offers competitive prices for the quality of their product.

Printful reviews are mostly positive as most people say that it’s easy to use, has great customer service, and good quality products.


-Printful doesn’t offer custom design services, which can be limited to some customers.

-There are limited product categories at Printful. 

-Starting price of some of the products of Printful, such as gadgets, is quite expensive. It can make it difficult for budding businesses to attract customers. 

-Printful has a strict refund policy as it is only possible if the product is lost or damaged. In most cases, customers cannot get a refund if they get a product with the wrong product description.

Printful Review

Printful has been operating since 2013 and has established a successful business by improving the working procedures according to customers’ feedback. They also offer a wider range of products than Teespring does which makes them more competitive in the market.

Printful Warehouse


Conclusion and Recommendations

We have discussed the pros and cons of both printing companies. Let us conclude with some recommendations. The best t-shirt printing company offers high-quality prints, good customer service, and competitive pricing. It is ideal to choose a supplier that has many marketing channels. This will ensure that your t-shirts get the best possible exposure in the market. 

Moreover, a suitable print-on-demand company and supplier is one that has an extensive social media following, as well as a large email list. These features give you better bargaining power and can often generate more customers for your business. Now that you are familiar with Teespring vs Printful in detail, you should have no issue starting an online store that helps you make a lot of money.


There are some common questions associated with both Teespring and Printful as users and businesses want to get complete information about these platforms to choose the best one. Keep reading to get answers to all important queries about Teespring vs Printful. 

Does Teespring integrate with Shopify?

Yes, you can integrate Teespring with Shopify. Such integration options come in handy when you already have an existing Teespring store or a blog. You can easily add Shopify’s Buy Button to start selling Shopify products. 
You can do it in the following four steps:
1. Visit the Shopify App Store.
2. Search for Fulfillment by Teespring App. 
3. Add the app to your Shopify store. 
4. Connect your account to Teespring. Even if you do not have a Teespring account, you can easily create one. 

Can I integrate Teespring with my website?

No, you cannot integrate Teespring with your website. Teespring provides its own website and marketplace. Integration of Teespring with online stores is only possible if you are running an online store on platforms like Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon. However, if you have a blog or a WordPress website, you cannot integrate Teespring with it.

How do I drive traffic to my Teespring store?

There are many different methods and effective marketing strategies that you can try to increase traffic to your online store, like a Teespring store. Some of these popular methods are:

1. Offer unique products and make sure that there is a market for such products. 
2, Start a referral program as a good mouth-of-word can take a business to the next level. 
3. Focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase organic growth and traffic. 
4. Digital marketing, especially social media marketing, through platforms like Instagram, can help you expand your customer base and make more profits. 
5. Provide quality content on the store in the form of attractive photos, videos, and blog posts. 

Has anyone made money on Teespring?

Yes, businesses, as well as individuals, have been making a large amount of money through Teespring. Some people have even made profits as high as $100,000. Such huge profits are possible due to the continuous growth of the eCommerce sector. 

Does Teespring own your design?

No, Teespring does not own your design. In fact, the copyright and privacy policy of Teespring is highly fair and transparent. The official website of Teespring makes it clear that if you are using Teespring to upload a completely original design, you will own the copyright for that design. Therefore, you do not have to worry about copyright issues with Teespring. 

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