In the ever-evolving digital world, dropshipping has become one of the most popular ways to start an online business and gain the ultimate financial freedom. After all, it makes the entire process simple and easy.

As attractive as it may be, the true, underlying key to succeeding as a dropshipper is using the right resources. With that being said, if you’ve searched for reliable dropshipping suppliers, one of the names that probably popped up among the top results was HyperSKU.

While other dropshipping alternatives might cost you lots of time, HyperSKU is made for dropshippers who want to build a sustainable business. In this HyperSKU review, we will explore if HuperSKU is the right dropshipping solution for you!

What is HyperSKU, and how does it work?

HyperSKU is a one-stop dropshipping solution that combines a supply chain, shipping service, and online system.

What Is Hyper Sku

HyperSKU can handle everything from sourcing the products and doing the picking & packing to fulfilling and tracking the shipments. With HyperSKU, dropshippers can source and purchase products from factories, customize products and packaging, fulfill orders with express shipping, and enjoy efficiency with an automated system.

In a nutshell, HyperSKU comprises backend operations integrated into an online system. Now let’s move on to the next part – what exactly are the features of HyperSKU, and what services and solutions does it offer?

What are the features of HyperSKU?

Being a dropshipper might sound easy. However, there are millions of pieces to put together, from the brand name, product research, font of the online store, emails, support system, SEO, order fulfillment, and many more. With everything going digital, backend operations remain offline due to their nature.

Search Products

A dropshipper can search for the products they wish to sell from HyperSKU’s existing categories, which is big enough to cover all common categories and popular niches except for CBD, medicine, or nutrition suppliers.

Search Products In Hypersku

Smart Sourcing

Once registered, the seller can submit a sourcing request with AliExpress product URLs. The sourcing service is completely free with a daily limit of 3 sourcing requests. The HyperSKU Team will contact suppliers on your behalf and inform you about the most reasonable quote. The seller can view the product price, shipping cost, product image, and product description by clicking on each quotation.

Smart Sourcing

The suppliers that HyperSKU works with are vetted suppliers from China, mostly from the areas of Eastern China and Southern China.

Import Products

Sellers can import products from the HyperSKU account to the Shopify store with a single click. All information regarding the products including title, description, images, prices, MSRP, and variants, will be synced and created in the Shopify store. This feature is similar to Oberlo, with the difference that the products are sourced straight from factories instead of AliExpress.

HyperSKU Shopify Integration

HyperSKU developed a Shopify App for Shopify merchants so they can sync products and orders, and enjoy a seamless dropshipping process. Shopify merchants can connect the store either from the Shopify App Store or from their HyperSKU account.

Shopify Integration

HyperSKU WooCommerce Integration

HyperSKU developed a WooCommerce extension for WordPress webshop owners to fulfill orders. However, this feature is somewhat limited compared to the Shopify App.

The wide-ranging integration options of HyperSKU have made it a popular choice for starting an online store and making money via different e-commerce platforms.

Order Syncing

Whenever a customer places an order, the details will be synced to the seller’s HyperSKU account and prepared for payment and processing. Dropshippers don’t have to process any spreadsheet for order information, which definitely saves time and money otherwise spent to hire VA that does this.

HyperSKU Order Fulfillment

Once the orders are synced to the HyperSKU account, the seller can choose a shipping option and pay for the order. According to HyperSKU, the processing time is 1-3 business days, but it might take longer for popular products during Q4. When the product arrives at HyperSKU’s warehouse, HyperSKU will pick and pack and send it out to your end customer, and the associated tracking number will be synced to your store. During the whole process, the seller doesn’t need to do anything as everything is automatically taken care of.

Bulk Payment

As a successful dropshipper, it’s not rare to get dozens of orders daily. It would be a nightmare to pay for all those orders one by one until your credit card reaches the transaction limit. With HyperSKU, sellers can pay up to 50 orders per transaction through multiple payment methods.

Hypersku Bulk Payment

Express Shipping

Dropshippers might find it easy to start with AliExpress, but hard to scale with it. One of the biggest reasons is that AliExpress’s shipping method, ePacket, takes a month to deliver and is getting more expensive as time goes by. On the other hand, HyperSKU works with express shipping companies such as YunExpress and DHL, so the shipping to the US takes 7-12 business days during peak season.

Hypersku Shipping

Stock Inventory

This is a great feature for dropshippers with winning products. To prevent an out-of-stock situation and ensure faster processing, sellers can purchase a certain amount of products and stock them at a HyperSKU warehouse. Whenever an order is placed, HyperSKU will use the stock from the warehouse to fulfill it. By doing this, the processing time can be shortened to only one business day, which provides a great shopping experience for customers.

Stock Inventory

How Much HyperSKU Cost?

According to the pricing page, signing up for a HyperSKU account is free, and sellers can access sourcing and products for free.

So, how does HyperSKU make money? Well, they earn their profit on product and shipping costs, which means they add a commission on quotations.

Hypersku  Cost

Another great thing to mention here is the handling fee or transaction fee. Typically, this kind of service is around 1-2% per transaction, but HyperSKU waived it completely for now! This means the sellers don’t have to pay until they fulfill orders with HyperSKU. How good is that?

Transection Fee Table

How Does it Work? How to Start using HyperSKU?

Working with HyperSKU is easy. Whether you’re new to dropshipping or already experienced with it, it’s easy to onboard or switch to HyperSKU. There are three simple steps:

1. Sign up

Ask any questions you might have for HyperSKU, from products and prices to their customized services. Whenever you are ready, just register an account with HyperSKU, and connect your store with HyperSKU.

2. Customize

Submit sourcing requests and let your consultant know if you have customization needs such as a Shipping option, Packaging, stock inventory, or anything else.

3. Transit

Sync any unfulfilled orders and place your first order.

The Advantages of HyperSKU

The App is user-friendly and efficient, making it great for both novices and ambitious dropshippers. Some of the qualities that come with it are:

  • Intuitive and easy to begin with.
  • Reasonable price for quality service.
  • Various features for standard needs or customized needs.
  • Lots of product selections.
  • Packaging customization.
  • Stock inventory for sellers.

Is HyperSKU better than AliExpress?

For beginners, it doesn’t make much difference. However, many dropshippers fail because they opted to work with AliExpress because of its slow shipping, resulting in bad reviews on Facebook Ads Account and PayPal disputes. Dropshippers who want to build a long-term and sustainable business, working with HyperSKU is a more reliable option. Dropshippers can also transit from white-label sellers to brand owners.


Is HyperSKU better than other dropshipping Apps?

There are many similar dropshipping suppliers, such as Spocket, CJdropshipping, and a few more. Here is some of the feedback collected from communities:

“Though its price is not the cheapest, the service of HyperSKU is better than others”

“I’m glad that HyperSKU can provide local language support.”

What do People say about HyperSKU?

HyperSKU wasn’t so well-known until 2019, given the fact that the company was founded in 2018. The most popular reviews from YouTube bloggers are below:

“It is more expensive than AliExpress”

“The customer service is better than its competitors”

The reviews left on the Shopify App Store look positive as well. There are a few negative reviews, which are mostly about specific cases of unhappy end customers.


Hypersku Review


What’s the price ofHyperSKU? Is HyperSKU expensive?

HyperSKU is free to register and the seller doesn’t need to pay until placing orders.

What payment methods does HyperSKU accept?

You can choose from HyperSKU wallet, Payoneer, PayPal and credit card to pay for order fulfillment.

Where are the HyperSKU’s warehouses located?

The warehouses are located in China.

What are HyperSKU’s shipping options?

HyperSKU uses YunExpress and DHL for express shipping. They can ship liquid and built-in battery products.

Is HyperSKU any good?

Yes, HyperSKU is a safe, reliable, and efficient dropshipping app because it offers quick customer service and a wide range of products to source for online stores. Furthermore, the cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness of HyperSKU also make it a popular name in the dropshipping industry.

How does HyperSKU work?

HyperSKU is easy to use as it helps dropshippers worldwide source good-quality products and fulfill orders with a few clicks. All you have to do is register to HyperSKU, connect your eCommerce store, customize your requirements, and sync your orders.

How does Syncee dropshipping work?

Syncee dropshipping works in 5 simple steps:
Find the desired products.
Sell the products.
Automatic order fulfillment to ensure the supplier receives the order quickly.
Ship the order to the customer.
Receive profit.

To Conclude…

HyperSKU is a great solution for dropshippers who determine to provide a top-notch shopping experience and premium-quality products. HyperSKU will take care of the backend operation so sellers can focus on driving the growth and success of their eCommerce business.


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