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With global e-commerce sales projected to reach $6 trillion by 2023, it’s easy to see how every small, medium and large-scale business is willing to make a transition to online sales. As a result, many businesses and individuals want to learn how to start an online store and start making money in the eCommerce industry.

Between all the different models of e-commerce, businesses can choose to go for one that helps them take control of their brand, product display, and customer experience on the platform. That is what Quick eSelling promises to deliver – cost-effective and seamless e-commerce for businesses of all industries and sizes. 

The EcommerceChamp team recently conducted a thorough examination of the platform to see how it stands on its promises. Here is what it discovered:

Founding Story

Quick eSelling was launched in 2015 to make e-commerce more accessible to businesses. However, unlike other platforms that offer tools for development or a marketplace, Quick eSelling took a SaaS approach.

It gives users the flexibility to leverage the platform as a turnkey solution. As long as you have your product catalog ready, you can launch an online store within a few hours.

In just 5 years, Quick eSelling has accumulated over 25,000 merchants that registered on its platform and processed over 15 million transactions. This eCommerce store builder has helped small, medium, and large-scale businesses attain several million dollars in revenue & profit.

Having a large merchant base gives Quick eSelling a unique feature – a readily available feedback system. This means that the merchants who use it will get access to a platform that has been optimized for the needs of their business based on the feedback collected from previous identical operations. In addition to this, the Quick eSelling team seems to be taking user feedback quite seriously. This is seen through the unique features and functionalities it has integrated into the platform.

Distinct Features & Functionalities

1. Brilliant and Customizable Frontend: One of the key features that separate Quick eSelling from its competitors is the special attention given to the frontend UX. The platform’s design was optimized to provide both you and your users a fluid browsing experience. It comes with a native app compatible with both Android and IOS, so you access the mobile commerce market as well.

The Quick eSelling team has ensured that users can access several predesigned themes made for different layout options, industries, and verticals. If you’re looking for a distinct visual identity on your e-commerce platform, you can also opt for customized themes provided by Quick eSelling’s dedicated developers. You won’t be required to write any code at any point in the design, deployment, and updating process.

2. Integrated Marketing Management: The Quick eSelling team seems to have a firm grip on starting an online store that helps businesses in making money without allocating too much budget towards traditional store development techniques.

 Like retail stores need footfall, online stores need traffic. And that puts effective marketing at the top of every e-commerce business operators’ list of priorities. The Quick eSelling platform makes marketing more manageable, effective, and data-driven.

The platform comes with an integrated eCommerce Content Management System, a well-designed dashboard, and in-depth marketing analytics to give users unique insights.

Some of the often-missed but critical features have already been built into the platform. These include features that help you attract and retain customers, such as discount codes, dedicated offer ages, push notifications, price drop alerts, instant product suggestions, and more.

In addition to this, features like abandoned cart recovery emails, a separate category of campaigns available on leading email management platforms, are also included in the e-commerce solution.

Quick eSelling also comes with a dedicated CRM. Usually, businesses have to get a subscription to CRM systems separately, which adds to the overall cost per lead. However, the integrated-CRM functionality from Quick eSelling helps you control both your website and app while using the same platform. Its CRM enables you to take a structured approach to market and augment your social media campaigns’ impact and send SMS alerts.

You can alter the themes & products to match the ongoing campaign promises and optimize conversions. Quick eSelling’s CRM ensures you have a clear understanding of how users interact with your platform across your sales & marketing funnel.

Some fascinating features like QR Code scanning and ad scanning that directly lead a user to your website have been seamlessly added to the Quick eSelling platform as well.

3. Simplified Product Management: With more SKUs and changing product portfolios, managing the products on a conventional e-commerce platform can become challenging. But Quick eSelling has this covered with its features.

The platform helps you integrate your inventory with your listings. You can display out-of-stock and restocked categories and set custom pricing options to optimize profitability. Managing products is less complicated thanks to the multi-level product categories, product configurations, bulk exports, and import options.

The platform’s free version supports over 1000 products. But, the Quick eSelling team has ensured that the navigation on the platform won’t suffer despite having an extensive product portfolio. Your prospective customers will easily get the product details in grid or list views and create wish-lists or use advanced filtering to discover the right product.

Some features like one-click ordering make the user experience all the more seamless. The inner pages have been optimally embedded with features like product image zoom, delivery checks based on Zip-Codes, and well-placed product recommendations and reviews.

Users can experience Quick eSelling’s features in detail right here.

Pros & Cons of Quick eSelling eCommerce Store Builder


  • Build an e-commerce website and android app for Free
  • Fully hosted and managed e-commerce platform
  • Single CRM to manage website and apps
  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Integrated with multiple payment gateways and popular third-party APIs
  • Technical support through email, phone, and chat


  • Themes are costly
  • Social commerce features are missing

Quick eSelling Pricing

The platform’s subscription plans are quite surprising and provide cost-effective solutions right from the outset. You can sign up for Quick eSelling using any one of the following plans:

  • Free: $0 per month (5% transaction fee)
  • Standard: $199 per month (zero transaction fee)
  • Pro: $399 per month (zero transaction fee)
  • Premium: $599 per month (zero transaction fee)

The free plan comes with a 1000 product limit, a native android app, multiple themes, email & SMS marketing, analytics & report functionalities, inventory management, and all other standard features you would need for your e-commerce platform.

The platform grows with your growth. You are charged a 5% transaction fee for every order processed on the platform through the free plan. This helps pay for the SMS & email campaigns, the advanced features you use, and the support services available with Quick eSelling.

The other pricing plans have been designed for scalable e-commerce businesses. For more details about pricing, visit here.

How to Get Started with Using Quick eSelling?

If you are thinking of starting a profitable online store using Quick eSelling, you should keep your product portfolio ready, and you will have your online store running in next to no time:

  1. Go to the Sign-Up page and create your account.
  2. Use the link sent to your registered Email ID to access the dashboard and select ‘Setup Store’ and ‘Setup App.’
  3. Click on Store Preview and select the theme. Configure your online store by adding logos, products, banners, and other required information.
  4. Add bulk products and content pages as you optimize your platform.

And that’s it! Your e-commerce store is running.


What is Included in the Free Plan?

You will get all the essential features from your e-commerce store plus space for 1000 products, a native Android app, and a responsive website.

Can I Use My Domain Name with Quick eSelling?

The free plan is available on a sub-domain. You can subscribe to any of the paid plans using your domain name after you have bought it. Since domain purchase and use is an expense out of the platform’s purview, it is not available in the free plan.

Is it a Hosted or a Self-Hosted Platform?

Quick eSelling eCommerce platform is fully managed and hosted across all subscription plans. You can focus on growing your business while the Quick eSelling team will take care of all the technical aspects of running your platform.

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