When Jeff Bezos started Amazon in the mid-90s as an online book market, who would’ve thought that the company would grow into what it is today? It’s now an online marketplace with over 2.5 million retailers selling products worldwide with net sales of up to 470 billion U.S. dollars. After Amazon’s success, online marketplaces have flourished, and now due to the COVID-19 pandemic – the industry has just exploded with more potential opportunities than ever.

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Many businesses and individuals want to start an online store to make money as it has gotten easier day by day with the advancement in technology. In this review post, we would like to talk about the industry leader in delivering online marketplace solutions, “Yo!Kart”. It’s natively designed to offer ready-to-launch marketplace solutions, making it our top pick for starting a multi-vendor store. It has extensive capabilities and excels in most areas, so keep reading to find out more about it.

Brief history – Yo!Kart

A product of FATbit Technologies, Yo!Kart was launched seven years ago, back in 2015. Despite being relatively new, the product gained a lot of attention and recognition in Forbes, Inc, The Telegraph, and many other popular magazines. Fast-forward to 2023, Yo!Kart is powering over 1000 marketplaces in fashion, grocery, liquor, jewelry, and many other categories. It’s an excellent platform for Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Consumer(B2C), and Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C) business models.

Is it better than other online marketplace solutions?           

Yo!Kart is a unique eCommerce software different from eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, CS-Cart, and others. In our extensive product review, we found that:

  • Yo!Kart is a standalone marketplace software pre-integrated with all essential eCommerce features for your business. Standalone means no dependencies on third-party plugins to run a multi-vendor website or app.
  • It’s a self-hosted eCommerce platform that comes with a fully owned license. Plus, there are no transaction charges or recurring fees associated with using it, as it comes with a lifetime license.
  • Unlike some other eCommerce platforms, Yo!Kart can be completely customized to meet your business requirements. Each package of Yo!Kart comes with a source code that allows easier development changes to the front-end and back-end.
  • All standard features essential for running an online marketplace are included even in the basic Yo!Kart package.
  •  Moreover, there’s a 1-year Free Technical support, free installation, and many other benefits that we found during our review.

Key Functionalities and Features

Our review found many key features and functionalities critical to any marketplace success. We’re sharing these findings below:

  • Impressive UI/UX – Yo!Kart boasts an impressive user-centered design on top of a responsive layout. Our team has tested it out on multiple devices/browsers and found no real concerns. The platform is PWA-compliant and offers a seamless user experience.
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  • Ready Mobile Apps – Unsurprisingly, Yo!Kart has ready-to-launch mobile apps for buyers and sellers, providing an omnichannel shopping experience. These apps are user-friendly with voice search, social sharing, multilingual menus, and all necessary features pre-integrated into them. Plus, both apps are available for iOS and Android Platforms.
  • Individual vendor storefronts – The platform has a separate vendor storefront with an individual dashboard. This allows sellers to easily manage product listings, promotions, order management, and more. Plus, the complete attention to detail in each storefront gives an illusion of a separate eCommerce store.
  • Multi-lingual – We found MSN Translator pre-integrated into Yo!Kart. Since MSN supports more than 70 languages, Yo!Kart is inherently multi-lingual.  Plus, there is also support for an RTL language script, making it a highly scalable eCommerce platform.
  • Easy to Optimize CMS – Yo!Kart also comes with blog integration, social media sharing, and SEO-friendly CMS you can use to optimize your marketplace and gain an advantage in search engine rankings. You don’t need a third-party tool to optimize your marketplace.
  • Easy Tax Management – The platform comes pre-integrated with tax management APIs like TaxJar and Quickbooks to quickly set up product taxes easily and in a streamlined manner.
  • Shipping Management – Managing shipments online has often been a hassle, but not with Yo!Kart. The platform comes pre-integrated with Shipstation API – a smarter way to ship all orders and deliver them with ease. Plus, there’s is a quick set up option to integrate preferred shipping API.
  • Omni-channel selling – During our review, we found out about their recent partnership with EasyEcom – an omnichannel selling tool. With this partnership, YoKart introduced a multi-channel selling management feature that gives sellers a solution to track and manage inventory on all channels from within the dashboard.
  • Marketing features – YoKart comes pre-integrated with robust marketing features like abandoned cart recovery, discount coupon management, share and earn, an affiliate module, a pay-per-click module for sellers, and more. These features focus on selling and promoting while increasing sales/user base.
  • Reporting and analytics – The multivendor software has built-in reporting and analytics tools to quantify your business. Visitor statistics, sales, traffic analytics, taxes, and other reports can be easily generated to review store performance and make effective decisions.

User Reviews

We checked multiple Yo!Kart testimonials on various third-party websites like Capterra, G2.com, Software Advice, and more. Most users shared positive reviews about the platform and how it has helped them build a successful online business.

For instance, a client on Capterra shared this testimonial for Yo!Kart:

The software is comprehensive and needs very little customization. It comes with clearly articulated user manuals that make it seem less to use.

While most users heaped praises about its customization or absolute technical support (free for 1 year), which is critical during the initial phase, first-time users’ only complaint was that you need to invest time to learn the system.

Yo!Kart has an overall rating of 4.5 on Capterra and a 5-star rating on G2.com

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What is Missing?

While reviewing Yo!Kart, we found a couple of things missing in the system that may or may not be a deciding factor depending upon your business idea.

  • No free themes – Yo!Kart comes with a standard design theme out-of-the-box. Customizable themes per business niche are also available at an extra charge.
  • Paid upgrades – While the YoKart platform receives regular updates, any website powered by YoKart does not automatically receive these upgrades. The updates or new features are available for users at an additional cost.

Yo!Kart Pricing

There are four unique pricing packages by Yo!Kart with the basic package starting at $999. Each package comes with a lifetime license, 1-month free digital marketing service, 12 months of free technical support, and more. Plus, there are no recurring charges or transaction fees. For a complete pricing plan, click here.

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How to get started with Yo!Kart

We found Yo!Kart is better equipped than any other eCommerce platform to start a multi-vendor marketplace. The software is clean, comprehensive, and easy to use.

To get started with Yo!Kart, all you need to do is to follow these six steps:

  1. Select a Yo!Kart package as per your business requirements.
  2. Check out the server requirements and get started with software setup and installation.
  3. Post-installation – configure system settings, set up product catalog, configure content management system (CMS), perform SEO optimization, and do more.
  4. Set up vendor subscription packages and begin the onboarding process. Subscription packages can be either free or paid as per your preference and you can change them at any time. Also, vendors need to register with the required details. Once approved by the admin, they can start setting up their shop and product inventory.
  5. Launch your marketplace and begin post-launch marketing activities. Yo!Kart comes with many in-built marketing tools.
  6. Lastly, manage all orders, sellers, marketing, and check performance reports within the admin dashboard.

P.S. Your sellers can also easily track their orders, sales, and overall performance stats from their respective dashboards. 

For detailed information on how Yo!Kart works, click here.


Yo!Kart is a robust and customizable multi-vendor platform with all key features and functionalities pre-integrated into it. After carefully analyzing it, we found no major issues with the platform. It’s a reliable marketplace software for startups, enterprises, and even individuals to start an online store and make it highly profitable.

Hopefully, with this review of Yo!Kart, you will get a clear understanding of the platform and can easily decide whether it’s the right fit for your business or not. For a hands-on experience, you can book a demo here: https://www.yo-kart.com/request-demo.html

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