Product research is an integral part of any e-commerce business, i.e., private label, wholesale, and most of all, dropshipping. Many expert dropshippers spend weeks to find the right products with the potential to make them $1000+/day.

If you’re looking for a dropshipping platform that can help you speed up the research and fulfillment process, you’ve come to the right place.

Product/market research is a hectic process, but thanks to some robust product research tools, it has gotten easier over the years. Though nothing can beat the perks of manual research, a third-party dropshipping platform can save you a lot of hours. Moreover, there are plenty of untapped winning products that you can add to your store within minutes.

Quicker and more efficient product research means you will be on your way to starting a successful online business. Let’s not waste any more time and discuss the new sensation of the dropshipping market – Sell The Trend.

Sell The Trend: Overview

Sell The Trend was originally launched as a standalone product research tool to help drop shippers find hot products across different marketplaces. It’s famous for its AI-based product research tool called NEXUS which automatically adds thousands of hot and trending products to a store.

Sell The Trend Logo


Later on, Sell The Trend transformed into a complete dropshipping platform that does everything from product research, competitor research, Facebook targeting, Instagram targeting, one-click order fulfillment, Ad tracking, and video ad creation. It also has a strong database that checks what’s trending on Amazon, AliExpress, and Shopify stores.

Sell The Trend may seem like a mere data-fetching tool initially, but the advantages are far better than most dropshipping platforms or tools. It allows you to integrate with platforms like woo-commerce and Shopify online stores and import the products directly.

The robust explorers (we are going to explain them later on), AI technology, large database, and advanced features like store intelligence are some key features that make Sell The Trend stand out above other similar platforms.

Moreover, you also get access to a quality dropshipping course – a great deal for novice drop shippers.

How does Sell The Trend work?

After logging in, you’ll be redirected to the dashboard – the main page of Sell The Trend.

Sell The Trend Home

On the left, you will see a menu listing its powerful product research elements that are part of the NEXUS explorer.

The NEXUS Explorer

NEXUS is the main and most impressive feature of Sell The Trend. At first glance, you would be amazed to see the amount of data it can fetch for all the listed products in the library. We opened a random product, and here is the information we got about that product:

Nexus Explorer

The above image you see will provide you with the following data:

  • Profit margin
  • The product’s cost
  • The product’s selling price
  • The number of AliExpress and Shopify online stores selling the product
  • The total number of the product’s orders within a month
  • The time/date when the product was last added to a Shopify store
  • The Time/date when the product was first added to a Shopify store
  • A comprehensive timeline of the product’s importing history- list of all Shopify stores that have added this product

You can also see that the graph of this wooden board game is constantly going up from October.

Similarly, you can check Amazon’s products and their selling costs. The NEXUS explorer is a robust yet useful feature that will allow you to check out your competitor’s products and how they are running their stores and pricing their products.

It also shows the drop shipper all the untapped winning products. Untapped winning products are not seen very much on marketplaces but have moderate prices. The NEXUS explorer allows you to look into the product’s selling price and original cost. This way, you can set a good price that’s relatively better than what’s shown on your competitor’s Shopify stores.

Advanced sorting and filtering options

While using the NEXUS explorer, you will come across a wide range of NEXUS sorting and filtering options. The product research time is further narrowed-down as much as possible. Thus, you can always filter the NEXUS search and get the desired results, whether you’re into high-ticket products, products with low prices, or a particular rating level.

Nexus Filtering Options

NEXUS explorer also lets you narrow down your search with a wide range of filters to choose from. You can search for them using their price, star rating, type of product, popularity, sales, etc. It’s quite impossible to list all the sorting and filtering options here, but below are the most used filters by drop shippers:

  • Niche
  • Price
  • Orders
  • Category
  • Content (such as a video)
  • Dropshippers (who operate within the US)
  • Top customer countries

If you’re looking for inspiration to create your product video (using Sell The Trend’s video ad creator), you can use the video option. You will come across thousands of product videos that dropshippers have created on their own. These product and video ad creator features are great if you are looking to run a successful Facebook campaign.

If you plan to sell cross-country, you can use the country filter and see the products selling well around your region.

More information on a product’s data

If you are interested in a product and want to find out more about it, Sell The Trend provides you a complete image of the product’s info. All you have to do is click on the product image and you will see a pop-up box like this one:

At first glance, you will see a lot of information on the pop-up box, including the actual number of orders. If the number of orders per month is high, the product is in demand and perfect for you to add to your store and make a profit out of it.

Alongside the number of orders, you will see the top countries buying the product, the complete list of all Shopify stores selling this product, and an understandable selling graph.

Sell The Trend provides you with a link to all the mentioned Shopify stores. This way, you can take a sneak-peak of your competitors’ stores, see what they are selling, and for how much they are selling it.

Another useful feature within NEXUS explorer that drop shippers love is the suggestion box. It gives you useful suggestions of what you should do, what to target, and how to build a Facebook audience if you are ever thinking of running a Facebook campaign.

If the product you’re interested in has a video, you can download it and add it to your product’s description with prior permission from the supplier. As you’re buying from the supplier, they shouldn’t have any problem with uploading it to your store. Even if you receive consent to use the video, it’s best to create your own if you want it to stand out in your marketing campaigns.

Using such features and comprehensive filters to sort out the data is essential to choose suitable products for starting an online store and making lots of profits.


Explorers available on Sell The Trend pretty much do the same thing as the NEXUS explorer. The list of explorers that the product research tool provides are:

  • Shopify explorer
  • Amazon explorer
  • AliExpress explorer

While NEXUS is a powerful product research feature, using these explorers will also bring you all the trending products on AliExpress, Shopify stores, and Amazon at your fingertips.

Aliexpress Explorer

While using the AliExpress explorer, you can get all the useful data about trending AliExpress products. However, the filtering and sorting options are similar to those of the NEXUS explorer, so you won’t get any new filter choices here.

The screenshot shows the growth of various products since they were last added to Sell The Trend’s product library. If the green box appears next to the ‘Add’ option on any product, you can click on it and accumulate more info about the product.

Sell The Trend offers integration with platforms like Woocommerce and Shopify, so you can easily import the products and have your store updated. However, make sure you have the Sell The Trend’s chrome extension installed before integrating these platforms.

1-Click Order Fulfilment

Click order fulfillment is one of the best features of Sell The Trend and a real game-changer. If you have multiple shipments pending, you can ship in one click, thanks to this robust dropshipping tool.

With Sell The Trend’s one-click order fulfillment feature, you can automatically add the customer’s shipping address, number, and other details without lifting a finger. Great if you are a lazy drop shipper, isn’t it?

All of this allows you to use Sell The Trend as an all-in-one dropshipping tool. You can find products to add to your store, add them through their push-to-the-store feature, and then use the 1-click order fulfillment feature to complete orders in short order.

Store Intelligence

Let’s talk about their latest addition, the ‘store intelligence’ feature. It allows you to paste a URL of a Shopify store to get useful insights such as the store’s product price, monthly traffic, monthly revenue, monthly orders, etc. Look at all the info that we were able to get about Manitobah thanks to this feature.

Store Intelligence

You can see the store’s monthly orders, monthly revenue, and monthly traffic. If you scroll down more, you would be able to see the store’s top-selling products as well.

Google Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension by Sell The Trend allows you to add trending products to your store directly from Aliexpress. It takes things to the next level through automation, and you can also use it for one-click order fulfillment as an alternative method to their sleek API integration. Chrome extension alone can be used as a direct replacement for Oberlo or Dropified. 

Free Dropshipping course

Sell The Trend offers you a free dropshipping course that comes with 9 videos that teach all the basics and dynamics of dropshipping. The videos cover topics all the way from setting up your first store to running your first advertising campaign.

Even though you can find those videos on YouTube, it’s still a plus point, given that it’s a crash course with 2 extra videos that you won’t find anywhere else!

Pros and cons of Sell The Trend

Here are some pros and cons of Sell The Trend:

Pros of Sell The Trend

  • 1-click order fulfillment for lazy dropshippers
  • A wide array of filter and sort options
  • Newly-introduced store intelligence feature to fetch info of all Shopify stores
  • A large database and product library to help you find winning products for dropship
  • Video making tools to create a unique video for marketing campaigns
  • Google chrome extension to add products directly from Aliexpress – an Oberlo replacement
  • Trending store finder feature within NEXUS explorer
  • Multiple explorers to discover trending products
  • More than 5,000,000 products to import from
  • 9-in-1 tools

Cons of Sell The Trend

  • All features on offer can be overwhelming for new users
  • The free trial is only for 7 days.
  • There are extra courses on offer that are paid.


The current price of Sell The Trend is $39.97 per month. You need at least 3 to 4 months to grasp all product-hunting tools and test their robust features. However, if you are worried about its value, you can use the full access 7-day free trial to test everything out and obtain the important metrics you need to start an online store that makes money.


How can I unlink my Shopify store?

All you have to do is remove Sell The Trend from your Shopify store. But, removing the app from the store does not cancel your membership.

I can’t see the Sell The Trend app on the Shopify store – How do I download it?

Sell The Trend is a web app. Therefore, you can access all the features and make your product research as short as possible by visiting the website and gaining access that way.

Why can’t I find all products from AliExpress?

There are millions of products in Sell The Trend’s database, but not every Aliepxress product is available. Extracting every product from AliExpress is not possible. However, clicking on ‘source the product’ will land you on AliExpress’s search page where you can add any product from Aliepxress to Sell The Trend.

Will a supplier attach a customer receipt with my order?

All the suppliers have a clear understanding of how this business model works. Therefore, they do not include invoices with the packages.

Does Sell The Trend have an affiliate program?

Yes, click here to find more details.

Final verdict

We have come across and tested a lot of product research tools for dropshipping but Sell The Trend offers its users advanced and useful features that other apps do not.

With the right strategy, you can’t go wrong with your product selection, competitor research, and dropshipping order fulfillment.

If you are considering dropshipping from AliExpress, then it is definitely worth it. In case of further questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a reply or contact us.

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