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Oberlo Review – 3 Reasons Why You Should Use It For Drop Shipping

Ardith Stephanson

Let’s say you own an e-commerce store or you’re thinking of starting one. A fast-growing business to start is drop shipping.

It’s an extremely popular way of selling products online.

But I’m sure you’re wondering the same thing I am:

It can’t be that easy, can it?

Actually, there are tools out there that do make it simple and effective.

Interested? Don’t know where to start?

Read on for an in-depth Oberlo review, in which we’ll look at why Oberlo has risen to the top as a platform to search and find products online. You can use it to connect with suppliers who ship products for you.

So let’s explore in this Oberlo review whether it’s right for you.

The Drop Shipping Boom

As more and more consumers become comfortable with online shopping, there are increased opportunities to sell a variety of products online.

According to americommerce.com, retail e-commerce was a $220 billion dollar market a few years ago in the United States alone, and is growing by nearly 17% a year.

Perhaps you’ve considered this yourself. Perhaps you currently have a bricks and mortar store and want to move online. Or maybe you’re thinking of starting an e-commerce business.

Why drop shipping?

Here’s why:

Drop shipping is an easy way to launch an online store.

You don’t have to keep products in stock. In fact, you never even have to see the product or handle it. You simply purchase an item from a third party and have it shipped to your customer

You don’t have to find warehouse storage. You don’t have to spend time shipping products. Best of all, you can run your store from anywhere.

I know what you’re thinking.

There has to be issues with such a model.

Plus you’re worried: How do I find good suppliers? How can I trust those suppliers?

You’re not alone. Americommerce.com states: “84% of online sellers find that establishing a drop ship supplier or wholesaler relationship is the #1 roadblock to starting an online business.”

You probably have other concerns:

  • Finding reasonable prices for the products you want to sell.
  • Ensuring you have reasonable profit margins.
  • Keeping the product descriptions updated on your website.

There’s a lot to think about. If you are new to drop shipping, I recommend you to read this: 5 Things to Know to Pick the Best Drop Shippers – And Our Top 5 Picks

Enter Oberlo


The drop-shipping app Oberlo was founded in 2015. Oberlo has become a leading marketplace platform, allowing business owners to find products and sell them online.

Oberlo connects entrepreneurs with suppliers, and those suppliers ship products to the entrepreneurs’ customers.

How does obrelo works

Here’s the deal:

Since its founding in 2015, Oberlo merchants have sold over 85 million products around the world.
[Source: @EcommerceChamp1]

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Its parent company is Shopify, so there are some benefits for current Shopify customers. That’s because Oberlo is pre-installed for new Shopify users. Businesses can search and add products when they sign up in Shopify.

Here’s a potential downside:

Oberlo is an extension or an app that works on Shopify’s platform. So you won’t be able to use Oberlo on any other e-commerce platforms or websites. However, there is a tool in Shopify called a “Buy Button.” With you, you can embed products on your own site.

Basically you use Oberlo to export products from suppliers and import them to your store. You then sell them while Oberlo packages and ships the products for you. They go from the supplier’s warehouse to the customer’s doorstep. And you make the sale.

Time to dig deeper.

Oberlo Review

It’s true there are a lot of benefits of Oberlo.

First, it will connect your e-commerce site to thousands of suppliers and manufacturers.

This means you can:

  • Seek suppliers without having to call around to find them.
  • Choose the products you want.
  • Synchronize them with your online store.
  • Access the product pages, so that you don’t have to worry about content creation for the products.
  • Enjoy the smooth integration with your store.
  • Have your products stored, packages and shipped.
  • Start your business without a lot of up-front investment.

But there can be some downsides as well. Let’s dig even deeper in Oberlo, to review why it’s good for your e-commerce site.

Three Reasons To Use Oberlo

1. Easily Find Suppliers and Choose Products

Oberlo allows you to import products from AliExpress. This is the source for so many drop-shipping companies. So while you’re accessing the thousands of suppliers available on AliExpress, you also get the product descriptions, includes images and details.

You simply search AliExpress and then use your Oberlo button to import the products you want to your store.

But there’s more.

Oberlo has expanded to include connections to suppliers other than those on AliExpress. After all, those suppliers are mostly from China, and the shipping times can be long. Some businesses want access to other suppliers.

So Oberlo has added two other sources for products, which have been vetted on the Oberlo marketplace and which are monitored:

1. Oberlo Suppliers – located all over the world;

2. Oberlo Verified Suppliers – top performers from the supplier list that are selected by Oberlo as the best choices.

Obrelo Verified

Supply won’t be a concern. You’ll be able to get all the details on each product, which includes quantity, color, price and shipping.

You don’t have to stick with one supplier either. If you notice another available supplier has a better price or faster shipping time, you can change with a click of the button.

Here’s a potential downside:

You can only access products from those three sources: AliExpress, Oberlo Suppliers, and Oberlo Verified Suppliers.

You are not able to use other sources like Alibaba.

Here’s another potential downside:

You may have less control over your product. But Oberlo makes the rest of your life easy.

2. Manage Your Store With Ease

Oberlo’s interface allows you to search for products, establish the products you want to display, and organize them with a clean menu and dashboard.

The design features a variety of tasks with an easy-to-use left-side menu that allows you to search for your products, view your products, and select which ones you want to feature, for instance.

You can check product statistics before deciding on a product, with information on the potential of a product such as number of page views. You can even use an “ePacket filter” to import products with the quickest delivery times.

You also get information on sales and earnings for each of your products in a convenient sales and costs dashboard.

It’s also easy to edit a product on Shopify, where your product details are managed.

3. Incredibly Easy Order Fulfillment

One of the benefits of drop shipping is ease of use for the business owner. So completing orders should be easy, right?

It is with Oberlo.

Basically, an order will come into your store. You locate it in your inventory and hit “Order Product.”

You can even add multiple products from different suppliers.

After that, Oberlo looks after everything: packaging the product and shipping it to the customer. The customer thinks it’s coming from you!

Remember, no storing goods; no packaging of items; no shipping hassles.

All these benefits mean you can spend time on other important tasks, like building your brand and customer acquisition.

Incredibly Easy Order Fulfillment

Oberlo Pricing

By now you’re probably wondering:

What’s all this cost?

Here are the answers:

As long as you have a maximum of 500 products and fulfill no more than 50 orders per month, you can have access to the free starter plan forever.

Obrelo Pricing

There’s also the Basic Plan and the Pro Plan.

All three plans have the following features:

  • Daily Products Sync
  • Orders Auto-Fulfillment
  • Automated Tracking Numbers Sync 
  • Place Bulk Orders
  • Pricing automation
  • Free Chrome extension
  • Sales report
  • Dispute Management

With the Basic Plan, the number of products bumps up to 10,000 and the number of orders you can fulfill goes up to 500. The price is $29.90/month.

You also get the following additional features:

  • Shipments Tracking
  • Orders fulfillment monitoring

Then there’s the Pro Plan. With it, the number of products is 30,000 you get an unlimited number of orders. The price is $79.90/month.

The Pro Plan offers all the features of the other two plans plus the ability to have multiple users manage your store. That includes the ability to grant them different access levels.

All prices are in US dollars.

Here’s the bonus:

Oberlo also provides a multitude of resource s for you. That includes a newsletter, a blog, and information like their free e-book “Drop Shipping 101.”

There’s also support in the form of an online forum, which allows you to connect with other users. Oberlo manages responses. There’s also a knowledge base of frequent questions, and you can submit a ticket if you have an issue that isn’t already covered.

 Final Thoughts

Oberlo may not be the answer for every e-commerce site. For instance, you may have specific needs from suppliers, like white labeled products. You may want a special product or a higher quality product.

But for the e-commerce store that is looking to build, maintain or grow their business, or a bricks and mortar store that wants to move online and not worry about bricks and mortar anymore, Oberlo could be the answer.

Why is it the answer?

With Oberlo
you’ll get access to suppliers, an easy-to-manage store, and order fulfillment that’s done in a snap
[Source: @EcommerceChamp1]

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And you can start for free.

What has been your experience with drop shipping and with Oberlo?

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